Case Study | Magic Carpet in the Hospital Environment

April 2, 2020

Magic Carpet in the Hospital Environment Case Study

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust purchased a Mobile Magic Carpet in 2016, with the aim of enhancing the hospital visit by offering distraction play and providing interactive support during invasive procedures.


Sian Spencer-Little, a specialised play practitioner at the hospital, says that the Magic Carpet has completely transformed children’s perception of a hospital when they visit King’s.”


“Due to the team’s use of the Magic Carpet and distraction play, the child leaves the hospital feeling happy, settled and calm,” said Sian.


“Their whole journey and experience of being in the hospital is a positive one.”


“Lots of children now even get excited about the thought of coming to hospital because they ‘will get to play football on the floor’!”


“This means the hospital is no longer a scary experience that they want to try and avoid.


“When children are highly stressed and in a difficult environment the sense that is heightened the most is their stress sensor, however, with the Magic Carpet, their sensory imagination is evoked instead.”


“This means we are impacting the patient experience by switching what possibly could have been a really scary experience to something completely different,” said Sian.


Read the case study to find how Sian believes the Magic Carpet has benefited Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.


Magic Carpet in the Hospital Environment Case Study


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