Accessible multisensory communication environments for learning, therapy and play!

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Accessible multisensory communication environments for learning, therapy and play!


Explore communication, amplify capabilities and make environments more responsive. Magic Room makes it possible for educators, health professionals, parents and caregivers to deliver accessible experiences designed for individual sensory, communication and access needs.


experience design

Remove BARRIERS by creating environments that are responsive, inclusive and universally accessible!

responsive environments

Magic Room turns environments into creative multisensory canvases and makes it possible to play with experience in new ways. It is designed to support individual interaction and communication needs and helps caregivers to access the world of the user!



Magic Room supports all modes of access and interaction and can output a wide variety of stimuli and content helping to make experiences more accessible and inclusive to the needs of people with complex needs.



However you need to interact, Magic Room will support it. All conventional switch inputs, keyboards and access peripherals are supported, as well as eye gaze devices, tablets, phones, speech, breath and more. Find something that is not supported and we will add it.



Connecting with others in shared experiences is essential for developing interaction skills. Magic Room allows you to create communication scenarios that enable people with any access requirement to interact and communicate together in shared experiences.



Open up access and provide people of all abilities, including those with PMLD and SLD, opportunities to experience and explore how their nuanced interactions can make a mark in the world. Amplify capabilities, develop abilities and experience interaction that enables by design.



How does x person make sense of the world? This should be the first question we ask when designing any experience for any individual. To understand an individuals sensory, motor, access, communication, cognitive and well-being needs means you are closer to providing an optimised experience. Magic Room enables this kind of thinking and allows you to design personalised experiences that are enabling and person-centred. 


Create meaningful and engaging experiences for people of all abilities

Create Accessible Lessons

With Magic Room you can design how your lesson is delivered, what content is needed to meet the needs of pupils and how they will access it. Magic Room frees you from the PC and allows you to control things from anywhere so you can elaborate on subjects without moving away from a pupil. The scope for designing things to meet individual needs is as wide as the creativity of the educator.

Explore Communication Scenarios

Design accessible communication scenarios and allow people to develop their skills using  AAC devices and a wide variety of assistive access tools. Since all access methods and devices work together you can make scenarios that work for all and enable people using different devices to communicate together.

Support Therapy Goals

Develop speech and vocalisation skills, promote AAC usage with enjoyable and collaborative communication scenarios that allows AAC users to communicate with their peers, develop switching and access skills, fine and gross motor skills and more. The therapeutic applications and benefits are wide ranging. In a sensory room,  work on responses to multi-sensory stimuli or isolate and focus on sound, light, touch, vibration at any time. No complex setup, just speak what you want to happen

Interactive Sensory Stories

A sensory story is a highly engaging way to deliver accessible experiences and even more engaging when there is a dimension of multisensory feedback and interaction. With Magic Room you can use objects as controllers so grab a bunch of story items and have people use them to make stuff happen in the story. Say the name of a character and it can come to life. When you have a good story you can tell it in lots of ways because Magic Room is non-linear so you can jump to any part. No story ever need be told the same way. This is also true for leaning content and lesson delivery!

Engaging Multisensory Themes

Magic Room has the potential to support a wide variety of sensory and learning needs and is designed to offer variable levels of output intensity so that stimuli can be increased and decreased to meet an individuals changing needs. Magic Room has a wide range of pre-designed experiences to get you started and offer masses of potential for you to create too!

Make Accessible, Inclusive Music

Turn your environment into an inclusive musical instrument and performance space and use any input device to play accessible music. Add your own sounds and make your own instruments, use objects to trigger sounds and phrases. Say and play Happy Birthday to peers using any input device! 


We provide live demos of Magic Room via web meeting and in person at our learning and experiences lab 


Create, Personalise and Inspire

Magic Room Apps

Magic Room makes the environment into an app and is supplied with lots of engaging content to get you started.

Universal Inputs

Interact using any input device and open up the environment to people of all abilities and access methods: speech, eye gaze, tablets, phones, switches, keyboards, breath, game controllers, microphones and more

Magic Switch

Magic Switch is an innovative app that pairs to Magic Room apps and updates controller data and communication content in real-time, syncing to all paired devices.

Convert Speech to Symbols

Speak words, phrases and sentences into a device running the Magic Switch app to see speech converted to text, image and symbols and projected in real-time.

360 Video to VR

Grab a YouTube 360 URL and paste it into Magic Room video event. Run it. Video plays in Open VR with the output displayed on to multiple screens.

Magic Web Browser

Magic Room has an internal browser outputting to 4 displays. Stretch, duplicate or show different web pages on different screens. Think Google Maps panorama!

Control Anything

Control and output PDF’s, videos, 360 videos, images, sounds, text, lighting and effects, environmental control solutions, pretty much anything. 

Philips Hue Compatible

Magic Room supports Philips Hue compatible products including lighting, power sockets and more

Use Objects as Inputs

Magic Room has a QR generator to output commands. Print them out and scan with Magic Switch to use objects as inputs

Multiple Displays

Output visual content to multiple displays simultaneously, clone the output, different media on each display, video, URL, image, text, speech to text and more


Multiple Magic Rooms

Multiple Magic Room systems can be networked enabling users to easily switch room on their communication and access devices.

Any Media Output

Magic Room supports most file formats for video, audio and image making it simple to utilise images and content you will have. Convert PowerPoint to PDF to make it interactive in Magic Room.

Do more

amplify capabilities and enhance potential by offering accessible opportunities to experience, communicate and play!

MAGIC switch & controller

AAC, Assistive Switching, Eye Gaze & Direct Access 

Magic controller

Magic Room Controller app allows instructors to change apps, model interaction, make voice recordings, control the room using speech, convert text to symbols and images in real-time and take full control of all Magic Room experiences. Available for iOS and Android.


Magic Switch

Magic Switch pairs to Magic Room designer and displays communication content to Android, iOS and Windows devices as Magic Room apps are changed. Magic Switch is hugely versatile and allows multiple connected devices in every room configuration.


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