Magic Eye FX | Tutorial #01 – Software Installation

April 7, 2020

In this tutorial, we will be installing your copy of Magic Eye FX onto your Windows PC/Device using the installer exe

Before we get started make sure you are connected to the internet and keep the code card supplied with your copy of Magic Eye FX to hand.

Step 1

Head over to to download the installer exe.

Step 2

Once you have downloaded the installer exe double click to run it. The Windows user account control may pop up a message asking if you wish to continue. Click “yes” to proceed.

Once you click on the exe, the installer will run a check to make sure no previous install of the software.

When prompted, click continue.

Magic Eye FX Software Registration Screen

Step 3

The software will ask you to register your details. Once you fill in the fields click “Submit” to continue.

Step 4

Enter your license code, found on the supplied card into the license code field.

Magic Eye FX Software License Entry Screen

Press “Submit” to continue.

Once the license code has been accepted it will begin downloading the software package which is about 4.5GB in size. Depending on the speed of your internet this may take a few minutes.

Magic Eye FX Software Download Screen


When the installer has completed, Magic Eye FX icon shortcuts should appear on your desktop.

Magic Eye FX Software Shortcut Icons

Step 5

To complete your install, we need to run the software.

Do this by double clicking the shortcut on your desktop to open the software.

When you open the software a video will play. When the video finishes click the “Click to Play” buttom to complete the install and relaunch the software.

Magic Eye FX Software Click to Play
The software will open onto the home screen and you can get playing!


In the next Magic Eye FX tutorial we introduce you to the Magic Eye FX UI.


Minimum System Requirements

Magic Eye FX Magic Eye FX Pro
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 10
Screen Resolution必利勁
1920×1080 1920×1080
Processor Intel Core I-5 7200U Intel Core I-7
Hard Disk Space 10GB available 10GB available
Graphics Nvidia GTX1060



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