Sensory Eye-FX Flash Fix

January 19, 2021


To apply the fix you need to run the update for Sensory Eye-FX v1.2.2!

Download: Sensory Eye-FX v1.2.2 installer

We have created a fix that enables Sensory Eye-FX software to continue working after applying the Microsoft update (KB4580325) which blocks Flash Player (32-bit) from launching Flash applications.


Step-by-step video tutorial

This video tutorial covers the steps needed to update the software to version 1.2.2. Please ensure you add correct contact detail in the fields where prompted so we can keep you updated with news about forthcoming versions. It is our intention to produce an update in future months that removes Flash dependency from Sensory Eye-FX and we would like to be able to notify you when this is ready.


Tone Matrix – requires a separate fix (video tutorial below)

There is another issue that we have detected relating ONLY to the app “Tone Matrix”. The video below explains how to fix this issue and details which Windows updates are responsible for blocking Flash and which one removes it entirely.


NB: If Flash Player (32-bit) is removed from Windows Control Panel the Tone Matrix app will NOT run. All other applications will continue to work with the fix made in 1.2.2. It is worth noting that Microsoft is not pushing the kill Flash Player (32-bit) update as standard so running it is currently optional. If the OPTIONAL Windows Update (KB4577586) is installed on your Windows machine, you will not be able to remove it without having set a restore point prior to removal. 

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