Magic Eye FX | Tutorial #05 – Access menu

April 3, 2020


 Magic Eye FX Gaze Menu

Magic Eye FX features an in-game, off-screen access menu that allows you to change many parameters while an app is running.

The access menu a gaze, touch, voice and mouse controllable.

In this tutorial we teach you how to navigate the access menu and introduce you to the various parameters and their functions.


Opening the access menu

Access Menu

There are a number of ways to open the Magic Eye FX access menu, whilst running an app.

  1. Gaze – Gaze to the bottom right of the access screen to open the access menu.
  2. Mouse – Move the mouse cursor to the bottom right of the access screen to open the access menu.
  3. Touchscreen –  Touch the bottom right hand corner of the access screen to open up access menu.
  4. Speech – Use speech commands “open menu” and “close menu”  to open and close the access menu. Ensure that the PC microphone is enabled.
  5. Keyboard – Use the F7 key to toggle the menu on/off. Please note, when using F7 to open a menu, this becomes the only way to access the menu from that point on during running the app. To reset, restart the app, the menu will be gaze controllable again.

Option selection

Gaze Menu


When the Magic Eye FX access menu is open you will see a few options including:

  1. Toggle gaze interaction button – this is where you can toggle gaze interaction
  2. Dwell settings button – increase and decrease gaze dwell time settings
  3. Settings button – access cursor, gaze and switch mode and switch settings.
  4. Exit button – exit app and return to home screen

To navigate the access menu using gaze, when you gaze over an option a blue dwell bar will appear. The option will select once the dwell bar is full.

To navigate the access menu using a mouse, simply hover the mouse over an option and click to select.

To navigate the access menu using touch, touch the option you require to select.

To navigate the access menu using speech use the following commands to select options:

  • “Dwell time” – Open dwell time settings
  • “Open settings” – Open settings panel
  • “Exit app” – Exits app and returns to home screen
  • “Closes menu” – Closes menu and returns to game

Toggle gaze interaction

The first option on the Magic Eye FX access menu is the toggle gaze interaction setting.

When set to pause, gaze interaction will be temporarily deactivated, or paused.

To reactivate gaze interaction, open the access menu and select the pause button to toggle it to play.

Dwell time settings

 Dwell Settings

The dwell time can be increased and decreased by increments of 0.1 seconds, allowing the gaze interaction time to be tailored to user requirements.

The dwell time can be increased/decreased using gaze, mouse and touch by selecting the + and – buttons accordingly.

To edit the dwell time using speech use the following commands:

  • “Dwell time” – opens dwell settings
  • “Up” – increases dwell time by 0.1 seconds
  • “Down” – decreases dwell time by 0.1 seconds
  • “Close menu” – closes dwell settings

Settings panel

Access Menu - Settings

The cog settings button opens up the setting panel where you can edit cursor settings, changes gaze and switch modes and switch modes.

The settings panel can be opened using gaze, mouse and touch by selecting the setting button.

To open the settings panel using speech, use command “open settings.” Speech command “close menu” will close the settings panel.

Cursor settings

Cursor Styles

Toggle cursor on/off

The first option under cursors settings allows you to toggle the cursor on/off.

When off, there will be no cursor and only the gaze effect will show on the screen.

Speech commands for toggling the cursor on/off is “toggle cursor”

Cursor styles

There are five cursor styles that you can choose from.

To select using gaze, mouse and touch, select the cursor style you want to activate.

To select different cursor styles using speech use the following commands.

  • “Cursor 1” – selects cursor 1
  • “Cursor 2” – selects cursor 2
  • “Cursor 3” – selects cursor 3
  • “Cursor 4” – selects cursor 4
  • “Cursor 5” – selects cursor 5

Gaze and switch modes

Eye Gaze + Switch Modes

The gaze and switch modes allows the app to be interacted with using both gaze and switch.

There are three gaze and switch modes.

  1. Gaze only – game objects can only be interacted with using gaze. Switches will not work.
  2. Gaze on switch – game objects are only activated when the user gazes on an object and presses a switch
  3. Gaze and separate switch – this enables the user to interact freely with game objects using gaze or switch independently. This is typically the default mode for most apps.

Switch modes

Switch Settings

There are four switch modes that enable different modes of switch interaction.

  1. Select and interact – uses two switches. One switch is used to navigate and select a game object, and the second is used to activate the game object. Ensure your switches are set to “space” for select and “return” for interact.
  2. Sequential – single switch mode. Game objects are activated in the order that they spawned (or appeared) when a switch is pressed.
  3. Random – single switch mode. This mode activates game objects at random. If we have multiple objects in the screen, pressing a switch will randomly interact with them. Both in a random order, as well as, a random amount of objects at a time.
  4. Select all – single switch mode. In this mode, all games objects on the access screen can be activated, using a single press of a switch.

Exit button


The final button on the Magic Eye FX access menu is the exit app button, when selected it returns the user to the Magic Eye FX home screen.

To use speech, simply use voice command “exit app” to close the app and return to the home screen.

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