SimplyWorks Receive Micro


The Receive Micro wireless receiver has been developed to provide switch access to Android tablets. The device can be paired with up to 6 devices to enable Tablet control.

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Another product designed to allow SimplyWorks products to work with tablet devices. Although most Android devices have Bluetooth, Android differs from Apple devices in allowing a cursor on screen, meaning that the SimplyWorks Trackball and Joystick can be used with Android devices as well as SimplyWorks wireless switches, SimplyWorks Keyboard etc. This allows the SimplyWorks transmitters to be used across all platforms, making them even more versatile and even better value!

No drivers or additional apps need to be installed- just plug Receive Micro into the sync port of your Android device and it will begin working. Then pair your SimplyWorks devices with it and use them as you would on a PC or Mac

One word of caution: Not all Android devices are the same. Some support devices on the sync port, others don’t. The tablet we recommend is Google Nexus and of course it does support the Receive Micro. Before purchasing a new tablet, please contact us for advice.


  • 10 metre (32′) operating range
  • Directly connects to most tablets
  • Can be paired with up to six SimplyWorks transmitters
  • Does not require driver software – ideal for contract managed computer systems
  • Supports the entire SimplyWorks range of products