SimplyWorks Receive:2


Receive:2 is a USB receiver that acts as a hub for multiple wireless switch devices. The receiver is compatible with Magic Room and allows you the freedoom to create wire-free, single and multi-user access environments as part of Pretorians SimplyWorks range. Connect up to 6 SimplyWorks devices.

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RECEIVE:2 supports the SimplyWorks ® TRACKBALL, JOYSTICK, SWITCH 125, SWITCH 75, SEND, SEND-6, KEYBOARD, and SMOOTH TALKER functions all via a single USB connection to the host computer and without dedicated driver software.

SimplyWorks ® allows you the freedom to create wire-free, single or multi-user learning environments, reducing set up time and allowing you to concentrate on the learning tasks themselves.

RECEIVE:2 is compatible with all PC and Mac platforms that are fitted with a USB socket and makes use of advanced


that are not available on the PS/2 style connectors; so the unit cannot be used in the PS/2 socket of your computer even via an adaptor plug.


  • State of the art multi-channel wireless receiver with a range in excess of 10m
  • Supports up to six transmitters simultaneously
  • No restriction on the mix of transmitters
  • Caps Lock and Drag Lock LEDs
  • USB Connectivity
  • No additional drivers required
  • PC and Mac compatibility
  • Compact design