Smart Controller 6


Six key ergonomic remote control allowing users to simply and comfortably control household devices.

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The Smart Controller 6 is a six key ergonomic remote control allowing you to comfortably control your household devices in a simple and integrated manner.

Featuring up to 10 programmable functions, the Smart Control 6 allows you to control elements like doors, hoists, lifts, lights or infrared devices like television, sound system or air-conditioning.


  • Customise the function of each key according to your requirements.
  • Up to 10 programmable functions.
  • Memorise the functions of any infrared device and control different elements with the radio frequency system.
  • Easy to hang around the neck or attach to a wheelchair.
  • Keys in relieve.
  • Use the mobile phone charger to charge the long-lasting battery.

Smart Control Range

Use the Smart Control USB alongside our range of Smart Control accessories to control other elements such as doors, lights, beds, ceiling hoists, blinds, electrical appliances and warning alarms.

Smart Controller Pro
  • Up to 112 functions.
  • Access via keyboard or by scanning with a switch.
  • Fit to be worn around your neck or attached to a wheelchair.
Smart Controller 6
  • Up to 11 functions.
  • Access via keyboard.
  • Ideal for monitoring doors, hoists or a few items.
Smart Control Switch Box
  • Up to 11 functions.
  • Access via large buttons or switches.
  • Ideal for beginners on environmental control.
Smart Controller USB
  • Unlimited number of functions.
  • Smart Control software is included.
  • Compatible with communicators.
Smart Controller Switch
Switch input for direct activation.