SimplyWorks Switch Set – 2 Switches


The SimplyWorks Switch Set provides quick and easy wireless switch access to Magic Room and communication devices specifically for users with motor skills difficulties. The set includes x2 75mm wireless switches and x1 Receive:2 dongle.

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The SimplyWorks Switch Set comprises of a pair of Pretorian Technologies SimplyWorks Switch 75 switches (available in a combination of any of the four colour choices), and a SimplyWorks RECEIVE:2.

Both products can also be used separately with any of the products within the SimplyWorks range such as SMOOTH TALKER, and SimplyWorks TRACKBALL.


  • State of the art multi-channel wireless receiver with a range in excess of 10m
  • Extremely low-profile switches
  • Supports up to six transmitters simultaneously
  • Available in four colours (red, yellow, blue, green).
  • Switch top cannot be removed by user – prevents distraction (coloured tops can be changed only with tools).
  • Caps Lock and Drag Lock LEDs
  • 75mm operating area.
  • Low operating force.
  • USB Connectivity
  • Integrated LED display to allow switch function to be selected when used for computer access.
  • Switches possess a long battery life.