Eye Gaze Essentials | Routine standard for eye care

April 1, 2020


Routine standard for eye care

In this installment of Eye Gaze Essentials, we ask Lisa Donaldson, Head of Eyecare and Lead Clinical Optometrist at SeeAbility – What is the routine standard for eye care?  And what should we all be looking to do?

Lisa explains what should be expected for every child who attends a special educational needs school in England.

“Every child under 16 is entitled to at least an annual eye test on the NHS.

NHS England have gone further than that and committed, for the entire special school population, that the following optician services be provided in school:

  1. An annual eye test.
  2. Glasses, if the test shows a requirement.
  3. Support with getting used to them.
  4. Support with ongoing repairs and breakages.

As part of that every child should have a written report, explaining their visual needs, limitations and abilities; to be given at the end of every eye test.”


Key facts

  • Every individual under 16 is entitled to an ann威而鋼
    ual eye test
    on the NHS.
  • The special school population can get their eye test and other optician services in school.
  • Every individual should have a written report explaining their visual needs, abilities and limitations.

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