Magic Eye FX Pro


Magic Eye FX Pro is a fun and accessible entry point for developing access, communication and interaction skills, with advanced analytics. Magic Eye FX Pro software has been designed to develop access and communication skills through creative play and gaming. The software supports eye gaze, speech, switching, touch, game controllers, mouse and keyboard inputs and offers 100s of thoughtfully designed activities. Magic Eye FX Pro provides detailed analytics for all screen activity with a separate app that allows playback of videos showing the users eyes and the in-game screen interaction.

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Play and Learn

Play is by far the best way to learn and a precursor to communication. Magic Eye FX includes 40 Apps grouped into 5 levels of exploration with each level introducing a slightly more advanced mode of gaze interaction and gameplay.

Pro Analytics Tool

Magic Eye FX Pro provides detailed, visual analytics for all screen activity with a separate app that allows side by side playback of front camera video showing the users eyes and the in-game screen interaction video.

Multi-modal computer access

Magic Eye FX supports a range of access methods including eye gaze, speech, sound, switches, mouse cursor, game controllers and more. This allows you to adapt interactivity as needs change.

App Builder

Create custom activities and games and set up interactivity with a range of inputs. Personalisation is the perfect tool for gaining an in-depth understanding of a person’s nuanced communication and their experience of the world.

Eye Gaze Accessible Interface

Gaze and access menus support independence and enable eye gaze users to launch apps, adjust their settings and jump to communication software.

Companion controller app

Companion app available for iOS and Android provides a platform for joint collaboration and exploration without interrupting natural interaction.

Screen Recordings

Record in-game screen activity to video in real-time and keep a record of user progress. Records the game sound or external microphone.