Snap + Core First Windows (e-mail delivery)


Snap™ Core First®is an AAC app that uses symbols, available for Windows and iOS devices. It has been developed to provide a communication platform for people with language disabilities. Touch, eye gaze and switch compatible, Snap Core First offers clear speach output. Built around core words and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®), Snap Core First has been designed to be easy to use and to grow alongside your communicator at all stages of their language and communication development.

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Communication Partnership

Snap Core First is a symbol supported communication app to help people with speech and language difficulties communicate. Compatible with a range of access methods and offering clear speech output, this intuitive AAC solution grows alongside the communicator, creating a commuication partnership.

Page Sets

The Snap Core First app is pre-loaded with Core First pagesets, enabling communication right away with access to core vocabulary. Core vocabulary are the words that make up 70 – 90% of what we use daily and will support your communicator from their first words and provide a path for growth. The app is compatible with PODD and Gateway, which can be added with in-app purchases.


Snap Core First provides opportunities to adapt to changing communication, independence and social skills. Featuring PCS and customisable grid sizes the app can be evolved alongside the communicator. With a wide range of voices and language communicators can select a voice that feels most authentic to them.