SimplyWorks Joystick


The SimplyWorks Joystick can be used with any SimplyWorks receivers for computer input, or to control toys and other battery operated appliances. It is compatible with Magic Room, Magic Mirror and Magic Eye FX, allowing you to expand access opportunities to those who prefer a Joystick input.

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With an operating range in excess of 10 metres the SimplyWorks ® Joystick is ideally suited for use in team/group sessions, or classroom settings, to ensure the participation of all.

The SimplyWorks ® Joystick is specifically designed for cursor movement to respond to the lightest touch (0.5 Newtons), making it one of the only wireless joysticks designed for accurate, cursor navigation and precise targeting of objects on the computer screen, for those with motor skill difficulties.

The SimplyWorks ® Joystick also


colour coded Left/Right and Drag Lock buttons mounted sub-fulsh to prevent accidental operation.


180mm x 102mm x 112mm high (joystick)
or 75mm high (trackball).

Palm rest height approx 35mm.


  • State of the art radio link with an interference free operating range exceeding 10 metres.
  • Uses 2.4GHz global, licence-free ISM radio band.
  • Works with any SImplyWorks® receiver for computer input or toy control.
  • Light touch joystick movement (0.5 Newtons).
  • Low profile providing a natural hand rest for comfortable operation.
  • Left/Right and Drag Lock buttons
  • Colour coded buttons mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental activation.
  • Trackball sockets to operate Left/Right click buttons from remote switches
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ installation (no additional drivers required)
  • Auto detecting PS2 and USB protocols
  • Includes Free T-Bar and Soft Ball handles plus USB/PS2 adaptor