Magic Mirror


Magic Mirror™ is a convenient fixed installation system that can be neatly installed into a wide range of environments: sensory rooms, classrooms, hospital wards, care settings, play centres, libraries and more. Magic Mirror™ helps to develop interaction and communication skills through creative multi-sensory game play. The software supports 6 players using full-body interaction with additional options for eye gaze, speech, switches, touch, game controllers, mouse and keyboard inputs

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Open up a fun new world of accessible interaction and bring your spaces to life with kinaesthetic gameplay! With multi-model access, Magic Mirror is inclusive and can be accessed through gesture control, eye control, touch screen, switches, game controllers, speech, sound and mouse control.

The body is the controller

Support the development of movement, balance and coordination with fun interactive play!

Do More

Amplify capabilities and enhance potential by offering accessible opportunities to experience, communicate and play!

Intuitive Control

Control Magic Mirror™ from your Android or Apple device and conveniently launch apps and activities, create your own apps and set up playlists and schedules remotely. The Magic Mirror™ app provides full control over your system including volume and shutdown.


  • Power on and play!
  • 5 Interaction modes
  • Supports 6 players using full-body-interaction
  • 150+ Apps
  • App Builder
  • Project on to walls and vertical surfaces
  • Bright powerful image
  • Robust fixing system and wall rack for PC
  • Responsive motion tracking system
  • Sound system

*Price does not include installation, contact us for pricing.